Autumn Chic

Autumn Chic
This was my first set on Polyvore and I have a feeling that the theme was probably Mango. Or maybe the contest was sponsored by Mango, because of the sheer number of Mango items in this set. I am going to make a confession that may make most of you think I’m an idiot, but that’s alright with me, because I have a good self-defending point:
I didn’t know that you had to wear something under a trench coat. I actually thought that the trench coat was a dress that also served as a coat. Don’t blame me – I come from the coast and I live in India. We don’t have the need to wear trench coats ever. Wearing them probably made you look like an idiot. All that I can say is, I am so glad I didn’t go with that judgement for this set. People would have thought I was a pervert to put together an outfit that just had a trench coat, haha.

Donna Karan long sleeve sweater
$600 –

Trench coat

Short skirt
$17 –

14k gold anklet

Mango metallic jewelry
$8.47 –

French Connection hat
$36 –

Burberry lips makeup

Lancôme mascara

INIKA blush brush
$29 –


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