Stylish Date Night

  Stylish Date Night by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a red statement necklace This is one of those outfits which are inspired by my own ones (although I don’t have those amazing shoes that are to die for – even though the price would kill me too :p But it’s a gorgeous outfit and it deserves expensive…

Or Noire

  Or Noire by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a stud earring set This is the kind of uniform I have in mind for when I start working. I also imagine Gwyneth Paltrow wearing this (although, quite obviously, she looks STUNNING) and to be honest, her character Pepper Potts is what gave me the inspiration. Working at a…

Tan n Tart’n

  Tan n Tart’n by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a black jacket I live in a part of my country that’s hot and humid so I can’t really wear cool layers like these. I’ve always imagined wearing boots with a denim jacket and all that but living there deprived me of these fantasies. So when I got…


Onyx by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a chain necklace 3 1 Phillip Lim black tank top24,455 INR – Nikibiki pull on pants860 INR – Alexander McQueen black sandals42,055 INR – Rosantica chain necklace39,805 INR –

Purple Rain

Purple Rain by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a purple outfit Shirts top500 INR – Chaus zipper pants5,250 INR – Yves Saint Laurent purple sandals9,630 INR – Boohoo bracelet jewelry465 INR –

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue by sanjna-sanjiv featuring white knee socks Night out top2,380 INR – Neil Barrett jersey skirt16,350 INR – Nordstrom white knee socks560 INR – JY Shoes bootie boots4,155 INR – BERRICLE princess cut earrings1,980 INR – Multiple chain necklace990 INR – Dorothy Perkins belt795 INR –