Tan n Tart’n

Tan n Tart'n


I live in a part of my country that’s hot and humid so I can’t really wear cool layers like these. I’ve always imagined wearing boots with a denim jacket and all that but living there deprived me of these fantasies. So when I got a chance to study somewhere they have a functional winter, I started layering and wearing all my dream combos together. So if someone’s lucky enough to have real winters, tell me what you’d wear during winter.

Forever 21 plaid shirt
1,315 INR – forever21.com

Black jacket
4,200 INR – yoins.com

Distressed jeans
4,235 INR – genuine-people.com

Office leather boots
13,000 INR – office.co.uk

Bottega Veneta hobo handbag
79,110 INR – therealreal.com

Chloé aviator sunglasses
22,840 INR – intermixonline.com

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