Stylish Date Night

Stylish Date Night


This is one of those outfits which are inspired by my own ones (although I don’t have those amazing shoes that are to die for – even though the price would kill me too :p But it’s a gorgeous outfit and it deserves expensive elements O:) ). The necklace is a bit different, though, because mine is longer – it’s like a string of red pearls. But even these go beautifully well. This outfit was supposed to be all about being sharp and defined and the pattern of the shoes felt like just the right thing to include here. It added the symmetry that this outfit demands. Do drop me a comment here if you’re going to try this one on for your own date!

T By Alexander Wang jump suit
44,795 INR –

Christian Louboutin high heel sandals
65,740 INR –

Christian Louboutin black evening bag
78,955 INR –

Aqua red statement necklace
2,010 INR –


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