Cream Elegance

Cream Elegance


If you’re looking for something cool, casual, chic and semi formal, look no further. This is the perfect blend of all those characteristics and it’s sure to turn heads! A side note: if you want to wear earrings with these, I recommend Kate Spade New York Light Pink Small Square Stud Earrings (2520 INR – They’re a delicate dusty rose and perfect with the whole feel of this outfit. I didn’t add it in the set because it kept messing with the sense of symmetry that I’ve used to arrange the items in the set. There are eight items in the set. No more, no less.

Humble Chic button down shirt
2,520 INR –

Christian Dior white blazer
35,255 INR –

Hallhuber stretch jeans
4,635 INR –

Office suede boots
4,540 INR –

Bottega Veneta leather purse
118,085 INR –

Olivia Burton watch
7,095 INR –

Cutler and Gross sunglasses
37,555 INR –

Stella Dot wrap shawl
3,915 INR –


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