Dash of Mint

Dash of Mint


I wanted to put a twist on the ol’ red, black and white combination and I decided that the color that would do the job would be mint. It’s a unique color and it’s rare to get the right shade of mint. As you can clearly see, the two shades of mint in the set are slightly different. But this was honestly the closest I could get. I had to keep in mind the style of the shoes and the necklace that I wanted this outfit to go along with. So you can understand how hard it is to get this color right. But that’s the point – mint green is highly unique and special and has to remain so to maintain its novelty.

Soprano striped dress
3,805 INR – nordstrom.com

Kensie red blazer
4,495 INR – macys.com

High heel sandals
1,675 INR – kstoresusa.com

Stone necklace
400 INR – romwe.com

Flat brim hat
1,410 INR – 2020ave.com

Cat eye sunglasses
670 INR – shopzerouv.com


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