White tee
600 INR –

Levi’s super skinny jeans
6,965 INR –

Yves Saint Laurent leather sneaker
51,660 INR –

Shoulder bag
1,235 INR –

Lacoste watch
8,335 INR –

You know those pictures that you see of a basic b**** in a very simple outfit and a Starbucks cup? Yeah, this is what my basic b**** outfit would look like. What I wouldn’t I do to get that cat T shirt? I mean, look at it! It’s got the picture of a very adorable cartoon kitten with its mouth open in one huge, happy grin. And those sneakers ❤ I never thought I’d love a pair of plain white sneakers so much. So MAYBE my choice was kinda biased because I watched F TV where they were modelling a pair of white sneakers and I realized how versatile and fashionable they were. Can’t decide which shoes go best with that outfit? Pull on a pair of white sneaks and you’re done! My friend was wearing a olive green dress with a denim shirt and white sneakers. I swear to God that the dress was SO ugly but I envied her that day because she looked effortlessly cool, like she’d just walked off the ramp. It was all because of the casual pairing of the white sneakers with the outfit. THIS is how you pull off a basic b**** look.

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