Perfect For The Silver Screen

Perfect For The Silver Screen


Tulle dress
9,950 INR –

Drop earrings
44,380 INR –

Pendant necklace
10,850 INR –

Sterling silver jewelry
1,800 INR –

I saw a girl wearing a similar gown and I thought she didn’t accessorize it well. So I asked myself what I would have done. I didn’t want to go with silver accessories because of two reasons:
1) It would wash out the look completely
2) I accessorize way too many of my outfits with silver anyway
I wanted the accessories to pop out but the silver gown was very soothing to the eye and I didn’t want to ruin that. So what could I do? Go for another cool color, of course. That’s why I picked blue. And I couldn’t find a blue and silver jewelry set and so, I had to hunt for similar shapes and color too. Who knew blue gems could come in a variety of shades?! They HAD to be the same color and shape to maintain the aesthetics, the continuity and the coolness. Although you can see the cuts of the gems differ slightly, it isn’t much of a problem. I just needed points of color to stand out from a rainy background. Tell me what would you have done differently in the comments below 🙂

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