Fall’s Here!

Fall's Here!

M i h Jeans turtleneck sweater
17,080 INR – ifchic.com

Burberry pleated skirt
11,050 INR – tradesy.com

Commando thigh high tight
2,420 INR – neimanmarcus.com

Ollio tan booties
615 INR – amazon.com
This is inspired by one of my own outfits that I adore but can’t ever wear except in winter. You can clearly see why. My outfit is slightly different, though. I wear a black high neck Burberry top with a plaid red and black mini skirt. The leggings are the same but I wear knee high brown velvet boots instead of these ankle boots. I actually wanted to wear ankle boots with them but I didn’t have them. The knee high ones work just as fine. I wear this outfit in the months of December and January when it’s really cold (at least, it is for me. Other people who have seen “real winters” [without snow but they still call them “real winters”] won’t feel cold. And also because it’s a slight to their ego as well).
I kinda stole the style from Jennifer Aniston’s character in “Friends”, Rachel. I always ADORED her outfits while she worked as a waitress at Central Perk. The mini skirt and the shirt and the leggings – always a classic style and I know it’s been around like forever, but wearing something like that is only possible where the temperature goes below 20°C AT LEAST FOR THE SAKE OF LAYERING.

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