Try Me

Try Me


Ok, I am going to tell you this upfront: I never pair tops and bottoms together when they aren’t fitted/they are flared. But this one pairing, that of the cold shoulder top and the culottes asked me to forgive them. How couldn’t I? They were perfect for each other. I need to get a pair of culottes and a cold shoulder top in that material. You know what else stole my heart? The color of that top. Powder blue has never been done better! I had to do the pairing of white and powder blue and cold shoulder top and culottes some justice. That’s why this set with its little, light grey borders and airiness is my favorite set of all time. It just makes me fall in love, a little more, everyday.

Cold shoulder top
965 INR –

10 Crosby Derek Lam capri
24,120 INR –

Miss KG white sandals
6,270 INR –

Brooks Brothers man bag
13,470 INR –

Chan Luu sterling silver jewelry
3,345 INR –

Blue jewelry
3,565 INR –


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