Get To Know Me And My Blog

My name is Sanjna Sanjiv and I don’t know how Title Case works. Which is why “to” and “and” also have capitalized letters. Also because if those letters hadn’t been capitalized, it would’ve messed with my OCD – a lot. I don’t have OCD, just a case of selective OCD. Which means I get annoyed sometimes with my Polyvore sets when the number of items I have in the set don’t have any particular property for sensible arrangement. That’s one thing you will notice about my sets which are regularly updated here – they are quite sensible and not many of them are very flamboyant in nature. If they do, you can see I was having a crazy and fun day. My personal style in itself is sensible and stylish. Sensible because you shouldn’t be freezing in winter or sweating in summer and you should NEVER put style before comfort. Snigger all you want (oh my, WordPress’s dictionary doesn’t approve of “snigger”? Or is it Google’s dictionary? OK, it doesn’t even approve of “WordPress” so it doesn’t matter) but I cannot emphasize how important comfort is before style and this quality is reflected in most of my sets. Style, of course, is a given, since I wouldn’t like to step out looking like I walked backwards into my closet and came out, wearing a random selection of clothes. Other facts you need to know about me and my Polyvore: I love formals and would wear them everyday if I had the chance (I feel they make anyone look hotter X 10); I don’t understand the practice of adding those little extra things in a Polyvore fashion set just to make the set look more “put together” (the outfit looks well integrated enough, it should speak for itself. ‘Nuff said. Literally) but I still have tried doing it and either I still don’t like the practice or it’s that I can’t seem to do this and it’s a case of sour grapes; I don’t usually like suggesting makeup for the outfit I’ve put together unless and until I feel that particular makeup tool would help the outfit look bomb because I honestly think that people should decide makeup on their personal skin tones (I like going for only light pink lip balm and black mascara and kohl pencil myself with every outfit I wear and it’s not necessary others can either pull this look off or not. Plus, it would look silly if I suggested it for every set I make); I only like and comment on sets that REALLY look good, not for follow-backs, like-backs or comment-backs so you know my likes/comments mean a lot; I love personal style no matter what time of the year and what trend so if baggy pants are in and skinny jeans are out, I still would wear the skinny jeans because I like them; I LOVE putting together outfits on my avatar on which is pretty much a tween/teen website but it’s got great clothing options and helps you find out how each permutation and combination of apparel looks best and this is how I come up with ideas for the outfits I design.

More about ME as a person are that I’m an Indian, a student in college(IIM Indore), love reading, writing, playing my violin, listening to music, talking to people (especially my friends and parents), travelling, eating maa-ke-haat-ka-khaana (“Mom’s food” in Hindi, although I speak Malayalam. I speak 5 languages, by the way!) and I have four dimples (my blog and my dimples’ shout out to each other :P)

If you have more questions about me or my outfit ideas, you can ask me in the comments section below the related post and I would be only too happy to answer them!


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