Movie Night

  Movie Night by sanjna-sanjiv featuring Miss Selfridge When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to become an actress. So I used to “train” myself to behave properly at award nights by putting on my most “glamorous” clothes for any movie on TV that I really wanted to watch. I’d actually come…

P for Preppy. P for Pulitzer.

  P for Preppy. P for Pulitzer. by sanjna-sanjiv featuring light blue shorts This is how I dress these days. I am not kidding. It’s fall for everyone, and here, I am standing at the foot of trees and telling the leaves to fall down already. Obviously that doesn’t work and even if it did,…

Model Off Duty

  Model Off Duty by sanjna-sanjiv featuring black high heel shoes Ok, I think this is a pretty smart looking set. I find that stripes, lines and straight edges in general are very smart. So I was pretty proud of myself with regards to this set. It makes a model off duty look extremely professional…

My Runway Look Is

  My Runway Look Is by sanjna-sanjiv featuring gucci jewellery Yes, my ideal runway look is formals. No, I’m not being pretentious, but I really love formals. And this is inspired by my own outfit that I was wearing the other day, sans the glasses. And I suppose I was wearing diamond stud earrings (I…

New York Fashion Week Street Style

New York Fashion Week Street Style by sanjna-sanjiv featuring sparkly sneakers Off the shoulder top1,600 INR – Silver tank top585 INR – NYDJ white capri jeans3,760 INR – Converse sparkly sneaker4,640 INR – NOVICA red bangle3,515 INR – Bling Jewelry silver bangle bracelet2,365 INR – Jessica Simpson silver jewellery1,600 INR – West Coast Jewelry hinged bracelet1,065 INR –

Celebrate Your Shape: Curvy Style

Celebrate Your Shape: Curvy Style by sanjna-sanjiv featuring wedge heel shoes Talbots wedge heel shoes6,385 INR – Marc Jacobs maroon handbag49,935 INR –

Princess Wedding – Happily Ever After

Princess Wedding – Happily Ever After by sanjna-sanjiv featuring 14k earrings Dolce&Gabbana glass shoes114,610 INR – Effy Jewelry 14k earrings510,640 INR – Engraved ring64,490 INR – Bling Jewelry bride headband1,595 INR –

Finite Fashion

I used to think that putting together outfits was very limited because of the combinations that you could produce. Top and jeans/skirt/capris/shorts or a dress. That’s in the case of a girl. For a guy, it’s worse. He doesn’t have the option of dresses or skirts. So, fashion is supposed to be finite. It has…

Leaves, Warmth, Magical Colors

Leaves, Warmth, Magical Colors by sanjna-sanjiv featuring a hinged bracelet Joseph straight dress41,565 INR – Tan oxford Lana 14k jewelry63,460 INR – Michael Kors hinged bracelet12,635 INR –

Casual and Chic in NYFW

Casual and Chic in NYFW by sanjna-sanjiv featuring flower jewelry Qupid cap toe shoes1,280 INR – Leather purse95,800 INR – Kattri pink gold ring413,930 INR – DIANA BROUSSARD handcrafted jewelry16,020 INR – Olivia Burton flower jewelry11,725 INR – Earring jewelry220 INR – Gentle Monster mirror lens sunglasses18,790 INR –

Duster Coats

Duster Coats by sanjna-sanjiv featuring gucci jewellery WearAll gray crop top580 INR – Boohoo beige duster coat1,025 INR – M Co high waisted jean legging1,990 INR – Pierre Balmain black stiletto boots33,290 INR – Gucci jewellery11,525 INR – Olivia Burton grey jewelry10,365 INR –

Chunky Knits

Chunky Knits by sanjna-sanjiv featuring heeled boots Sans Souci grey dress1,855 INR – Christian Louboutin heeled boots82,905 INR – Kate spade jewelry2,435 INR – Brunello Cucinelli scarve100,830 INR – C√ČLINE celine sunglasses28,265 INR –